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MR IPR Experts opted the above services through online filing before the Indian Patent Office(IPO) and also availing the Express publication of patent applications and Express Examination of patent applications for an early grant of patents in India. The Indian Patent Office is providing 24/7 online filing facility and provisions for expedite services. The domestic, conventional and national phase patent applications can be examined by express examinations route, Indian Patent Office(IPO) appointed many new Patent examiners to expedite the patent prosecution in India.

MR IPR Experts are committed to filing reply/office actions expeditiously to support Indian Patent Office to provide an early grant of patents.

MR IPR Experts Trademarks, Geographical Indications, Copyrights, Industrial design departments shall provide speedy filing and prosecution of and registration, opposition, renewal etc.

MR IPR Experts team includes IP Law Experts, Patent Attorneys and Agents, Trademarks Attorneys and Agents Technology experts in different domain like Pharmacy, Biotechnology, Engineering etc. and Expert Para-legal team.

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